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Areas of activity:

INTERNATIONALISATION Polish companies, Foreign Companies, Organizations

  • Market research, validation, and penetration.
  • Ecosystem mapping for opportunities.
  • Partner match-making.
  • Business assistance.
    Assistance for Clustering.
  • Fundraising assistance.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT/LOGISTICS for Trade companies, Manufacturers

  • Import/Export.
  • Logistics services.
  • Middleman to import from Africa to Europe through Poland.
  • Consulting services for foreign companies on Trade
  • .

    SOFT LANDING IN FOREIGN MARKETS for SMEs, Startups, Digital Nomads

  • We provide you with an immersive soft-landing program to help you become knowledgeeable on doing business in Poland and provide you with a One-Stop-Shop service to get up and running from the Heart of EU.
  • Coming SOON in 2023

    Partners services:

    IT services for SMEs, Startups

  • Adjustment of software for local needs and customization (translation, UX, …) in foreign markets, either EU, Africa or Asia.
  • LOGISTICS SERVICES for Trade companies, Manufacturers

  • Logistic support for our partners: Africa and Asia.
  • From us, you can enjoy the following:


    We understand that Africa and Asia sound foreign to many companies. We also know that many companies are afraid of these continents. That's why our work focuses on identifying opportunities and the actions a company needs to take on its own to succeed!


    Africa and Asia are continents that value persistence and perseverance, and success is always based on personal relationships. To achieve success, we work with partners who share the same values.


    We are here to help you grow your business in the world's most dynamic markets. We are here to help you operate successfully and securely in Africa and Asia. We support you from the birth of an idea to the moment it becomes a reality. And beyond.



    Knowledge is key. Together
    with the University of Economics,
    we are creating a podcast hub
    on internationalisation.


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